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Thank you for signing Decouple China PAC’s petition to completely Decouple China.  Thank you for sending a strong signal to our legislators that Americans will no longer tolerate China’s criminal activity whose goal is the destroy the freedoms inherent in the Constitution of the United States of America.  Some of the tenets of a Decouple China policy are: 1) Zero trade with China,  2) Zero investment in China, 3) Zero China investment in USA, 4) Zero cultural exchanges with China,  5) Zero 
Chinese students enrolled in U.S. schools.  To summarize, decoupling China is a comprehensive term that is defined as 100% decoupling from COMMUNIST China.  China is a predator nation who has decided to take USA’s 40-year intent to raise the standard of living in China and to turn that success into a total/hybrid war to convert USA into a communist system.

Decouple China

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