Make a financial donation to Decouple China PAC.   Even a 1$ donation is very important.  The number of donors will have a a strong impact on U.S. legislators.  Also, building a war chest supports this  campaign.

Boycott Chinese made products and buy Made in USA products.  Boycotting is a very powerful tool to change the supply chain.  This decreases our trade deficit with China.  In 2020 our trade deficit with China was $311 Billion.  This decreases China’s control over the U.S. putting less money in the hands of the CCP.  Links will be posted here to aid you in buying USA.

Vote for candidates who understand the China (CCP) threat and will support 100% China decoupling.  

Utilize your skills whether they are social media, fundraising, coordinating or facilitating.

Join this campaign to Decouple China and Rebuild America!