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Prepare for the U.S. and China to Decouple

Executive Summary The pandemic is likely the accelerate a trend to a bipolar U.S. vs. China world. In this context, firms present in Hong Kong and China need to prepare for a less friendly environment there.

Trump Punishes China by Ending Special Trading Status for Hong Kong

President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced that he signed legislation and an executive order to punish China for interfering in Hong Kong affairs. “We’ve all watched what happened, not a good situation, their freedom has been taken away,” Trump said referring to Hong Kong. “Their rights have been taking away.”

The Great Decoupling

The U.S. ambassador on the spot in an Asian economic powerhouse put it bluntly in a cable to the secretary of state in Washington: Don’t cut them off. Give them some “economic elbow-room,” or they’ll be forced to carve out an economic empire of their own by force.

How does China cheat on trade? Let us count the ways

Aside from President Trump himself, Peter Navarro arguably has the toughest job in the White House. You see, Dr. Navarro directs the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. He comes to work every day to be greeted by new evidence of China’s no-holds-barred economic war against the United States, from its cheating on trade to its theft of intellectual property.

Decouple China PAC supports Federal candidates for the U.S. House  Representatives, United States Senate and White House who unwaveringly adhere to a completely decouple China policy.  The basic tenets of a decouple China policy are listed below.  To summarize, decoupling China is a comprehensive term that is defined as 100% decoupling from COMMUNIST China.

Donate to Decouple China PAC today and send a strong signal to pro China globalists that Americans will no longer tolerate the criminal destabilizing eviceration of American values and wealth by COMMUNIST China.  We as Americans are aware that China is prosecuting a TOTAL/HYBRID war against the United States of America and American citizens/voters demand an America 1st approach decoupling China from the United States of America.

China has proven to be our competitor time and time again over the course of decades through relentless illegal dumping trade practices, currency manipulation as well as intellectual property theft.  Most recently, China attacked the world with Covid-19 acting with malice and intent to wreak havoc on the United States of America and the world.  

Decouple China PAC is dedicated to the complete decoupling of COMMUNIST China from the United States of America.  China‚Äôs actions warrant zero engagement by the United States as China is pushing an offensive TOTAL war with the United States of America.  Americans reject COMMUNISM in all of it forms and will not accept Chinese control of America. Some of the points are listed here but are not limited to:  -Zero Trade -No joint educational programs between China and the United States -Chinese students are not allowed in U.S. schools either in person or online  -U.S. will not allow Chinese nationals visas to work in the United States  -Zero U.S. investment in China dissolving all holdings in China -China must dissolve all holdings in the United States, corporate, real estate etc. Paul S. Boardman, Chairman, Decouple China PAC  Bio

Overwhelming Majority Say Time To ‘Decouple’ From China

If there is one thing to come out of this pandemic, it is the fact that Americans believe the U.S. relationship with China has to change. Support for this runs across party lines and education levels. The golden days of China as the go-to manufacturing hub for American companies is becoming a bygone era.

Trump threat to ‘decouple’ U.S. and China hits trade, investment reality

Conflicting talk from Trump administration officials about “decoupling” the U.S. economy from China is running into a challenging reality: Chinese imports of U.S. goods are rising, investment by American companies into China continues, and markets are wary of separating the world’s biggest economies.

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