Decouple China PAC dedicated to the complete, 100%, decoupling of USA from the Chinese Communist Party! We need your help!

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To protect your family and rebuild America, Decouple from the fascist Chinese Communist Party completely now! Please join us at

Now we can solve this CCP global control madness. Sign our pledge, donate, boycott China made products and Buy USA!

The CCP is like a bad habit. The U.S will not stay with China and let freedom fall.

America will no longer beg China. CCP’s degenerate, demonic, immoral, sordid, foul, warped, slavery regime is not the American way and what the world wants!

Decouple China Radio Daily Recap w Paul Boardman.

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Paul Boardman

Paul Boardman

Chairman, Decouple China PAC, Host, American Enterprise Radio - Made in USA - Decouple China Rebuild America, Host - Decouple China Radio Daily Recap
Email: [email protected], 202-681-1286

Decouple China PAC is an unconnected PAC regulated by and registered with the Federal Election Committee, FEC #C00744151